International Sports Blowgun Competition Rule
       Nov.23 1998 (Revised Jan.10 2011)

(1) The half diameters of target circle are 3,6,9 cm (diameter are 6,12,18cm)
  and the points are
7,5,3 from the center circle.
(2) The height of the target center is 160 cm(5.2feet).
(3) The shooting line is 10 meters(33 feet or 11 yard)for men and ladies
  away from the target.

(4) The player shoots 5 darts in one round.One competition(game) is 6 round.
(5) One round is 3 minutes,if he can't shoot 5 darts within the time the
  points beyond the time is not effective.
  The total time of 6 rounds is within 25 minutes that includes the
  checking time by the marker.
  The shooting time can be decided by competition organizer.(Jul.16 2010)
(6) After the shootings the marker checks the darts and records the points,
  then the player can pull darts off from the target.
(7) Pipe and Dart:
  1.The pipe is 120 cm(47.2 inches) long or shorter.Foreigner can use 48 inches
  (121.9cm)long.The pipe caliber is free.Basic pipe is 13 mm caliber (51 Caliber).
The weight of pipe is free.
  2. Basic dart is about 21 cm(8.2 inches),weighs 0.8 gr.Any type of dart are available.
(8) When darts hit the circle line and diffecult to judge,the heigherpoint is
  recorded.Wire target ring is reccomended for official competition(Oct.30 09)
(9) When the dart dropped near the player which he can retrieve by the pipe,
  he can blow it again.Only the second point is recorded. If he cann't retrieve
  the point is counted as zero.
(10) After the competition when the total points were same.The player
  whose heigh point darts are more than other wins.
(11) 15 minuits before the competition players can try to shoot three darts.
(12) Other problems should be talked by operator,representatives and players.
(13) Rule of field match is written in another page.
(14) At the competition smoking is not allowed.
(15) When the player blew 6 darts in one round.One of the hightest point of
   darts is cut off from the total points.(Dec.15 98)

(16) The height of target center is 125 cm heigh for the shooter who shoots sitting on
   wheelchair.(Oct 30 2009)
(17) The dart rebouned from target ,player can shoot one more.(Revised Nov.23 01)
(18) When player shot 2 darts together by mistake,it is regarded as one dart.(May 17 2001)

(19) One can use pipe supporting stand.The legs must stay behind the shooting line.(Oct.30 2009)
(20) Accsessary:   (Jan.10.2011)
   1.Peep sight, horn type sight,simple sight are permitted.
   2.Light emmitting sight,lazer sight,magnifing sight,rifle scope are banned.
   3.Ttype V type grip are permitted.
   4.Number of weight and it's size and weight are permitted.
   5.If organizer recognized handcapped can use above No.2 and pipe stand.

   H.Higuchi  info*

* Award Recognition

Class Points Colour
3 Kyu 60-74  
2 Kyu 75-89  
1 Kyu 90-104  
Sho Dan 105-1119  
2 Dan 120-149  
3 Dan 150-161 Bronz
4 Dan 162-174 Silver
5 Dan 175-185* Gold
6 Dan 186-193 Titan 
7 Dan 194-201 Platinum
8 Dan 202-209 Ruby  
9 Dan 210 Diamond

* JSFA rule is 174-185   (Revised on Oct.30 2009.)

Cited from"Sports blwogun health methode" P.190 was published on Dec.15 1995
Auther Dr.Hironori Higuchi & Dr.Masayuki Hayashi. This book is not sold now.
The revised "The new sports blwogun health methode" P.189 published on Jan
20. 1999 Auther Dr.Masayuki Hayashi.There written shooting distanc is 8m or 10m.
Both books are published by Bunbunshobo 2-10-8 Ginza Tokyo Phone 03-5550-6134

*Sports blowgun field competition rule

1.One group is consisted of four players,they shoot the targets going around the
 A,B,C,D spots.
2.At the 3 spots there are 4 targets,the player shoots 4 darts to a target.
 He shoots 16 darts at each spot.
 Distance of 4 targets are 9 m at A,11 m at B,13 m at C and one target 15 m at D.

Spot Distance Target Dart Total
 A  9m  4  4  16
 B  11m  4  4   16
 C  13m  4  4  16
 D    15m  1  4   4
Total  13  52

3.The order of the shooting is at first A and B,at the next spot C and D shoot first.
4.The place of the targets are desirable as shown in the picture P.102
 [Sports Blowgun Health Methode]

*Golf ball Shooting Rule        Jan.10. 2010

1. Put a fishing line to the sponge golfball and hang it before the sponge backstop.
 The hight of ball is 160 cm(4.8 feets).
 Shooting line is 10 meter(11 yard) away from target.
2. The dart which scratched the ball it is no count.
3. When the dart rebounced after hitting the ball it is not counted.
4. Shoot 30 darts and count the hitting darts.

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